Poems ( About Children )













Tough ?

So, you think when things get really rough,

that you are truly big and tough,

that you have really got the stuff.

Can’t tell you if it’s really true,

I only wish I really knew.

for those with strength are very few.


Can’t tell you if you’re tough or not.

only hope, you don’t get caught.

For the world, might be with dangers fraught.


And sometimes, we need help a lot.


Ode to an infant

( You are Important Too ! )

Doesn’t matter you’re not big, you’re small.

Doesn’t matter you can’t talk at all.

Doesn’t matter when you walk, you fall.

That you’re years are few,

That you’re less than two.

Doesn’t matter all you do is play.

You have you’re own individual way.

And you may do something really big some day !

One very significant clue,

No one else is made exactly like you !

You are important too.


Keeping up with the News


This latest Skunk News was just broadcast to a group of Kindergarten Kids !

Attention !

It happened at a Skunk Political Convention near here.

Dink, Dank, Dunk – they all smelled like skunk.

Except for Skunk-Who and he was expelled, for being out of odor.

It’s been said, they lobby & they don’t play fair, They don’t wear no underwear.

Rowdiness was in the air, they want this, they want that, now where is all the odor at ?

Still, they let everyone know, if they didn’t get what they wanted, they were prepared to make a big stink,

what do you think ?


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