Heavenly Vision


This Surreal World of a Parallel Universe was created in the imagination of the Artist. The scene shows space in a universe unlike ours. It exists as long rectangular boxes of color like we are looking down on the tops of tall buildings that represent current forces. This space is shaped by the masses that occupy it, similar to the String Theory view of our space. The whole area looks like heavenly protrusions have just occurred.

In the middle of this scene, is a Worm Hole looking through to a different type of universe with a different space color and topography.

The activity we observe in space, such as the rotation of the planets around the Sun in our solar system due to the force of gravity, is the affect of forces at work and not a visual picture of those forces themselves or the actual shape of space due to those forces.

For example; If we take a horse shoe magnet and wave our hand between the open end, the North and South poles of the magnet, we may not feel the magnetic force field between the poles nor do we see the lines of force that exist between them. If, however, we lay it flat, place a piece of wax paper over it and drop some iron filings between the poles, the filings immediately line up along the lines of force between the two poles exposing the shape of space between the poles determined by the strength of the magnet. Gravity, Electromagnetic & Nuclear forces, all affect the shape of space. This scene is an attempt to visualize artistically such surrounding forces.



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