Cosmology ( sidebar )

That brings us to thought waves and their significance in the Universe.

As a sidebar of Cosmology, the science has significant implications for humanity.

Taken from Cosmology as observed from Particle versus Wave theory, Math can only take us so far. From observations of the Universe and the Math that we know applies to visible mass, this is what we accept as Reality. It is how we explain in detail the physics of the way the world works.

The Universe as we presently know it consists of:

4.6 % visible mass

.4 % neutrinos

23 % Dark Matter

72 % Dark Energy

If we think of the entire visible universe that is only 4.6% as we know it, as sitting on a table and using our present Math and Physics, it has mass, space & time. Under the table are all things invisible where there exists only waves that are connected.

Combined, everything forms one Total energy.

In examining the invisible world from a perspective of Wave theory, the Total energy is still indivisible, but the universe is non homogeneous and exists in many different forms of energy at the same time and they are always interacting; still everything is connected, above the table and below the table, there is no separation. It is like looking at a whole apple from the outside that doesn’t move and never changes. From this perspective, Time is constant. Only space within the universal body ( that part on top of the table ) is relative to location and therefore subject to time.

As observed from the perspective of living organisms, thought waves are generated by such closed visible energy systems as humans and are part of this wave theory, so in wave space, our thoughts, past, present & future are connected.

Recent experiments have shown that human thought waves can anticipate disasters that are emotionally disturbing to large groups of people. It’s not a huge factor but too much to be ignored. This seems to indicate an ability to sense the future. Such groups it seems can also affect the performance of random number generators. If this is true, then what actually represents reality ? I believe in essence, it is wave energy in different concentrations.

Some of these wave concentrations are very significant and can represent the particles and mass that we see in our visible Universe so they have the ability to move, to act and behave like the world we see. As such though, this World is presently explained by particle theory so it has its limits and in the visible Universe using particle theory, Time is an illusion. More clearly, in the Quantum math associated with sub-atomic particles, where a particle exists at a certain Time, is only an approximation and therefore it is an illusion of reality.

Stated another way hopefully more clearly, there is no doubt in my mind that human thought waves interact and they do so independent of Time, especially in light of these recent studies. How far thought waves can meaningfully reach across Time remains a mystery, probably subject to conditions.

Further, such experiments suggest there exists among humans a type of communication we could call the Cosmic Mind. This implies that strong emotional feelings are subconsciously shared.

Since Christianity became a world religion at the time of the Romans, such guidelines for humanity to live by have crossed the borders of countries and governments and civil laws have had to conform to the moral law of a land without borders in order for humanity to accept authority. It was at that time that Emperor Constantine made Christianity the Church of the State. It was the high emotional feelings at the time of the Romans when different groups of people searched frantically for a common belief that would deliver them from bondage that a Cosmic Mind was formed.

In today’s environment the emotions and excitement of Sports such as the NFL, exhibit very large groups of people that share the strong emotion surrounding the competition among teams.

Consider how much more the Internet and the ability to share the unlimited information of the world as it applies to current thought threads will eventually reinforce the Cosmic mind and let it become more recognized ? If such awareness can be concentrated through the Internet World Wide, it could have the effect of a unified Wave that gives World Humanity direction based on the common good, sensed as a whole.

History has shown, Governments or War Lords that try to control their people by violence or ignorance will eventually crumble before the consensus of the Cosmic Mind.

Jesus freed the World from Roman bondage and his teachings unified people
everywhere across borders to form a moral justice that reigns over the mistakes of local governments.

Following his lead, Gandhi freed the nation of India from English rule without firing a shot because of published atrocities of unarmed civilians and World condemnation of such acts.

Similarly, Martin Luther King gained Civil Rights for African Americans in the South due to the same condemnation of cruelty toward defenseless humans.

Humanity and the Common Good of World Humanity consciously shared over the Internet may be forming a new kind of Cosmic Mind.

This is not entirely mystical. On the contrary, it is implied by both Science & History.

Many believe the distinguishing factor that makes us human and separates us from other animals is a certain level of Consciousness; in one definition, being aware of our surroundings, by using our senses; we can gather information based on our education, and mental state and repeat previously experienced naturally occurring cause & effect for useful gain.

As reasoning human beings therefore, let us Consider Wave energy as related to Humans.

These examples have confirmed that the Cosmic Mind and the wave energy associated with it will not knowingly tolerate mass mistreatment of Humans !


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