Computer Programming

Computer programming

This summation is presented for the benefit of my extended family, in my own words, interpreted mostly from experience over the years, to cohere a field that might hopefully be easier for them to understand.

The Evolution of computer programming

I see programming evolving to the level that anyone will be able to do it and easily.

Original computer programming was done in binary language.
it was digital, using zeros and ones that corresponded to the
electronic circuits that stored the information.

All the basic commands you wanted to have a computer perform were developed in a
Binary package known as a disk operating system or DOS.

Different disk operating systems were developed for different companies such as Window computers or Mac computers.

But all different DOS packages compiled, had to comply with the American Standard Code for information interchange or ASCII.

This was programming at the basic level, programming using digital bytes of 0 or 1. at this level you can get a computer to do just about anything you want. It uses the base 2 number system.

But most people have neither the time, interest, expertise or dedication to program at that level.

Programming with larger bytes of information is also possible,
8 bytes,16 bytes etc. The advantages are, the programs run faster and take less storage space.

But again most people may use this software but don’t write it themselves.

So higher levels of programming were developed. Most are known as application software and they were developed because it is easier and quicker to do specific types of programming:

Spreadsheet software with columns and rows for such things as financial reports and charts, where totals are automatically calculated,

Database software for such things as storing addresses or any type of personal information for mailings or data reference,

Or word-processing software for storing documents of many types of information such as writing letters, stories or for recall or Sharing.

But for each higher-level of programming there is a trade-off , you gain ease and time but sacrifice some individual wishes. you are limited by the design of the software offered.


Voice Programming.

Most exciting I see on the horizon, instead of writing programs at all, you only have to tell the device what you want it to Do. Individual Voice commands are being used today.

Hopefully, it will evolve to where individual commands may be grouped. For example, Consider a group of commands called Daily, Where all you have to do is tell the device to run, Daily and it will start by telling you what the weather is, reads all your e-mails and messages, notes or reminders for the day.

Literally any type of work you perform the same each day could be grouped in such a manner and anyone will be able to program it, rather than repeat all the individual commands each day.

Imagine what you could do !

We are not too far from this point at the present time. I hope I live to see it happened.

Best wishes to all.

PS. I wonder, Could Siri be used to open Apps then an Application Programing Interface (API ) to select options within Apps, so a mobile device might be programmed to run a Macro group of commands, ie, many steps in just one command ?


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