A Different Universe


What we see as we observe the universe, depends on how we look at it. If we look at space with an optical telescope, we see things much like we do here on earth using our eyes. If we look at the same location with an infrared telescope that shows heat sources, things look much differently. If we look in the same direction with a microwave telescope, it could show the constant radiation in the background of the universe.

These are just three examples of different ways to look at space. There are countless others. And, because each of these different views are possible at the same time, they could be thought of as parallel views where each view has it’s own reality, hence the term Parallel Universes.

This scene shows a view of the universe unlike the way we see it. Colored cells, either singularly, in strings or in clusters represent the forces that act on masses in this universe. The background pattern could be a radiation field and/or the forces of Gravity. Both space and the masses in it are covered with a cellular texture of interlocking colors. The surface of the masses is different from earth. The pattern could represent the energy distribution within the masses. Indeed, It is a world that shows energy in color.

In imagining how such different views of the Universe might look, Artists can draw their own conclusions.



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